Practical solutions for those with impossible co-parents!
Co-Parent Dilemmas

Co-Parent Dilemmas

There are at least two sides to every conflict, and when it's between divorced or separated parents, sparks can fly. In each episode, co-parenting experts Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles answer listener questions and talk about the benefits and risks of Letting Go vs. Holding On to the conflict in a variety of complex topics facing co-parents today. Episodes are released every Sunday at noon. Listeners can email their dilemmas or questions to to have it addressed on an upcoming episode. Learn how to be a NON-Impossible co-parent by listening each week!


Season Two covers the Case from Hell, with 6 episodes full of unbelievable twists and turns. Join us for this unique look at a nightmare case, involving parental alienation, false allegations, numerous judges, attorneys, therapists, and years of court delays. Diane & Rick delve deep into the details with our Dream Team of professionals - an attorney, a GAL, a custody evaluator, and a judge. What went wrong? What should have been done better? Why was it allowed to go this far? Starts October 30th, with episodes released each Sunday in November. Don’t listen alone! To access the case notes in their entirety, click on this LINK.



Recent Episodes

November 27, 2022

S2.E5. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Judge Slams the Gavel!

In this final discussion with a Dream Team member, Diane & Rick hear from Georgia Superior Court Judge Angela Duncan. Not surprisingly, as a former family law attorney and GAL, Judge Duncan has strong opinions about the profe...

November 20, 2022

S2.E4. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Custody Evaluator Gets Real about Abuse

Diane & Rick explore the complexities of psychological child abuse with mental health expert Dr. Kelley Baker. Why did Sarah’s custody evaluator miss this tragic component? There are no clear answers, but important lessons to...

November 13, 2022

S2.E3. Case from Hell: Our Dream Team Attorney is On Fire

Attorney Todd Orston joins Diane and Rick to break down what it means to zealously advocate for a client, and how Sarah’s attorney has missed the mark. To reach Todd Orston , visit him on his firm’s website HERE . Want your f...

November 06, 2022

S2.E2. Case from Hell: Dream Team GAL Discussion

Diane and Rick discuss the case with Guardian ad litem, Debra Hale. she talks about the role of the GAL, misconceptions about their jobs, and how a GAL in this case could have made a huge difference for the children. Want you...

October 30, 2022

S2.E1. The Case from Hell: Introduction and Overview

Diane and Rick host a special 5-part-series for Season 2 of the podcast, showcasing a real-life and extremely difficult custody case. In this episode, they present the timeline that spans 7 years of court documents, police re...

October 23, 2022

66. Benefit of the Doubt? You don’t know MY ex!

Diane and Rick respond to a listener review that takes issue with the idea of giving difficult parents the benefit of the doubt. She wonders if that is encouraging further emotional abuse. They respond by explaining the diffe...

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About the Hosts

Diane Dierks Profile Photo

Diane Dierks

Non-profit director, licensed therapist, author, and podcast co-host

DIANE DIERKS is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as well as the executive director of the Center for Navigating Family Change (, a non-profit that provides court-ordered parenting education and co-parenting services to the state of Georgia. She has been a parenting coordinator and reunification therapist for many years, and provides consultation and expert witness services in high conflict custody matters. She resides in St. Simons Island, Georgia, with her husband and their three-legged Lab mix and one-eyed Yorkie. She has two grown children and two grandchildren.

Dr. RIck Voyles Profile Photo

Dr. RIck Voyles

Business owner, mediator, parent coordinator, author, and podcast co-host

RICK VOYLES is CEO of the Center for Dispute Solutions, as well as a certified business coach, an anger management specialist and a professional mediator. Rick travels internationally, training and developing federal mediators in their agency ADR programs. He is a published author, business coach and entrepreneur. He has developed an online Mediation Training including over 17 video presentations. He has also produced a TV program, “Conflict, Mediation and You” where he discusses topics in conflict management, as well as mediation techniques. Rick is a subject matter expert in the areas of Divorce, Co-parenting, Negotiation, Cross-cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution. He frequently teaches court-ordered co-parenting seminars and is a trained parenting coordinator. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Janet.