Practical solutions for those with impossible co-parents!
Co-Parent Dilemmas

Co-Parent Dilemmas

There are at least two sides to every conflict, and when it's between divorced or separated parents, sparks can fly. In each episode, co-parenting experts Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles answer listener questions and talk about the benefits and risks of Letting Go vs. Holding On to the conflict in a variety of complex topics facing co-parents today. Episodes are released every Sunday at noon. Listeners can email their dilemmas or questions to to have it addressed on an upcoming episode. Learn how to be a NON-Impossible co-parent by listening each week!




ALBC podcasters, Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames, escaped the cult NXIVM and were major whistleblowers who played a large part in the making of the popular HBO series, The Vow (now in its second season). Co-Parent Dilemmas podcast co-hosts, Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles, joined ALBC recently to talk about the similarities between cult leaders and parental alienators. If you’ve experienced either of these devastating situations, you don’t want to miss this collaborative look at the masters of coercive control.



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March 19, 2023

S3.E11. But Things We’re Going So Well! Enter the girlfriend…

Chris writes in and says things were going very well for him and his co-parent until he started dating seriously after several years post divorce. He did everything right, but now things have gone horribly wrong. What is happ...

March 12, 2023

S3.E10. Help! I’m Stuck Between a Borderline Co-Parent and an Enraged Spouse

Diane & Rick address John’s email about how to help his 16-year-old son when he and the son are stuck between mom and step-mom’s conflict. Discussed in this episode are ways to build a relationship with a teen who isolates to...

March 05, 2023

S3.E9. Is it Worth Going to Court?

How do you know when it’s a good idea to seek the court’s help with co-parenting issues? Diane & Rick discuss four things to consider as they process listener Jess’s questions about her uncooperative co-parent. She was hoping...

February 26, 2023

S3.E8. What to Do with All That Anger! Putting your narcissistic co-parent in perspective

Kelvin rants about how his narcissistic co-parent steals his credit as a parent and is constantly inserting herself into his life. He asks what he should do with all of his anger. Diane & Rick explore managing expectations, f...

February 19, 2023

S3.E7. Romance and Co-Parenting: It’s Complicated!

Eva emails the show and asks how to move forward with the love of her life and maintain both of their children’s school and activity schedules. The issue is, they live 90 minutes apart from one another. In order to move in to...

February 12, 2023

S3.E6. The Impossible Dilemma

Bethany calls in with a frustrating dilemma, and Jeff emails about a similar frustration. Diane & Rick discuss how difficult it is to be placed in a position of choosing your own peace vs. your child’s emotional welfare. This...

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About the Hosts

Diane DierksProfile Photo

Diane Dierks

Non-profit director, licensed therapist, author, and podcast co-host

DIANE DIERKS is a licensed marriage and family therapist, as well as the executive director of the Center for Navigating Family Change (, a non-profit that provides court-ordered parenting education and co-parenting services to the state of Georgia. She has been a parenting coordinator and reunification therapist for many years, and provides consultation and expert witness services in high conflict custody matters. She resides in St. Simons Island, Georgia, with her husband and their three-legged Lab mix and one-eyed Yorkie. She has two grown children and two grandchildren.

Dr. RIck VoylesProfile Photo

Dr. RIck Voyles

Business owner, mediator, parent coordinator, author, and podcast co-host

RICK VOYLES is CEO of the Center for Dispute Solutions, as well as a certified business coach, an anger management specialist and a professional mediator. Rick travels internationally, training and developing federal mediators in their agency ADR programs. He is a published author, business coach and entrepreneur. He has developed an online Mediation Training including over 17 video presentations. He has also produced a TV program, “Conflict, Mediation and You” where he discusses topics in conflict management, as well as mediation techniques. Rick is a subject matter expert in the areas of Divorce, Co-parenting, Negotiation, Cross-cultural Communication and Conflict Resolution. He frequently teaches court-ordered co-parenting seminars and is a trained parenting coordinator. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Janet.