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A godsend to co-parents dealing with a narcissistic ex

Bravo!! A must-listen for anyone wanting to put their kid(s) first AND establish healthy boundaries all around. “Structured consistency” is my new favorite phrase, and making it abundantly clear to my children that, no matter what, they are LOVABLE. So many gems in every episode - I go back and re-listen all the time. Thank you!

Great podcast!!! Sooo informative!!!

This podcast is full of helpful information on co parenting and provides the listeners with great advice!!

Robin Graine, Divorce Mediator

Excellent information. Helpful. Presented in a professional yet friendly format. I always learn something new from this podcast … and I do this kind of work for a living! Thanks for your high level content.

The Holy Grail of Coparenting Podcasts!

I’ve listened to just about every coparenting podcast out there. This one is hands-down the best!Their instruction and advice is easy to follow, common sense, and really effective. Also I love Diane’s voice! She sounds very professional, reassuring, and experienced. So happy I found this!

Tough but NEEDED Messages

Diane and Rick do such a great job being very real about really difficult life situations. It’s not always easy to listen, but that’s mostly because what they’re saying is necessary. I appreciate their compassion and empathy as they talk though these topics and offer applicable advice.

Calm but Urgent

I enjoy the episode highlights up front. Focused me on the topic to come. The roughly 30-minute show was a perfect length for my morning commute. My good friend is in a rough co-parenting relationship and I heard this show might be a great fit for him. The episode “Nothing Left to Give” didn’t disappoint! I loved Diane and Rick’s calm but urgent temperaments, and I’m always amazed when hosts can navigate through tense subjects like they did in this show where a husband was showing more loyalty to his first wife than his second. The insights Diane and Rick offered would help any co-parents struggling with the same situation.

Helpful and practical

Such a powerful format to help couples think things through without the emotional tension that can block solutions when you are caught up in the thick of it!

I LOVE this format of taking questions from listeners

Diane and Rick do an amazing job of getting to the heart of the matter on such divergent topics faced while coparenting. I relate to so many listeners who send in great questions and the expert advise is game changing! Best coparenting podcast I have heard yet. Thank you!!

What a great resource!

This is a great resource! Practical and engaging while creating space for challenging and emotional topics.

Kudos from a divorce coach

This podcast does a great job of taking specific topics and examples of real life co parenting issues and breaking them down in an easy to listen to manner! As a divorce coach, I’m always looking for tools to pass along to my clients and this will definitely be one of them! Thanks for your work!

Pretty good

Some good info. I wish Rick would speak more. He hardly says anything, just agreeing with Diane, who has a way of speaking that for some reason is really grating. Sounds like she’s falling asleep.

A godsend to co-parents dealing with a narcissistic ex

Bravo!! A must-listen for anyone wanting to put their kid(s) first AND establish healthy boundaries with a toxic, controlling co-parent. “Structured consistency” is my new favorite phrase, and making it abundantly clear to my children that, no matter what, they are LOVABLE. Thank you!

Excellent, detailed and dives into the tricky questions

This podcast is excellent! Years of expertise and having worked with many real world co parenting dilemmas give this podcast substance. Not only will you receive expert insight, the co-hosts also demonstrate how they evaluate an issue and come to a conclusion. You will learn how to evaluate and approach future issues as they arise. This is golden, especially since each situation is unique in itself. I highly recommend this podcast! They tackle the complicated, tricky, gray area with thought-out discussion and evaluation. Thank you!

Hi Diane & Rick!!

Thank you so much for making this incredible podcast. It’s been such a help to me and my family. I can’t wait to listen to many more episodes to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Hi Diane and Rick, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the Co Parenting Dilemma podcast. I've recently experienced a tough case and utilized many sources of support in our community. The podcast has proved an invaluable resource to me as a therapist and my clients, and all the people they are sharing it with too. Warmly, MK

Great for Divorce Attorneys and their clients!

I am a Gwinnett, GA divorce and family law attorney. I have personally witnessed the amazing work done by Diane Dierks for co-parents in our community. I am thrilled that she now has a podcast. I have encountered literally every single issue discussed in the podcast in my practice and have loved listening to the insight in this podcast. The advice is invaluable and will help me advise my clients in the future on difficult coparenting topics. People pay top dollar for this kind of advice, and I am stoked that I can listen for free and share the episodes with my clients. Thank you for creating this podcast!! Keep them coming!!

Excellent insights and solutions

This is a long needed podcast for divorcing parents. Excellent insights and solutions. Fair balance of the issues of post divorce parenting and the needs of the children. Wd

Listen to this podcast! Diane is an amazing counselor!

I just listened to your broadcast and then posted your podcast to my Facebook group “divorced dads with kids“ You were such a big help to me seven years ago, I hope your good advice finds and helps so many more!