Practical solutions for those with impossible co-parents!
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One of the most difficult situations co-parents have to deal with is when there are secrets kept between them. Secrets are usually pretty important topics and should probably be disclosed to the other co-parent, and if the children are involved in this secret, it creates a whole new layer of issues. Children can’t understand why secrets are kept, or why they’re being told to keep them. It puts them in the middle of the entire secret, and naturally they internalize the blame, which can be detrimental to their emotional development. So what do you do if your child comes home with a secret from your co-parent?

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What to do when your ex asks your child to keep a secret
  • Why you should take the world “why” out of your vocabulary when co-parenting
  • The effects on the child when keeping a secret from your co-parent
  • How your reaction to finding out a secret can affect children
  • Importance of asking how the child feels about the situation
  • How to take the children out of the middle of the secret keeping
  • Benefits of giving the benefit of the doubt

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